Studentų konferencija

Autumn Conference Programme

Freshwater Resources in the Baltic Region

2019 December 9-11, Room 213

First-year students of Meteorology and Hydrology are kindly inviting you to attend their open conference, where the results of their team projects about water resources in the Baltic region will be presented.


December 9

10.30-11.00  Povilas, Blanka, Vladas, Gvidas. ‘Kaliningrad residents‘awareness of freshwater condition and quality in their local area“

11.00-11.30  Zygimantas, Robertas, Clara, Maëlys. ‘‘The impact of human activity on freshwater in Sweden‘‘


11.45-12.15 Edvinas, Karlas, Diana, Paulius. ‘‘Freshwater resources and their usage in Germany“


December 11

11.00-11.30   Ugnė, Kamilė, Erika, Dovilė;  ‘‘Water contamination sources in the basin of the Neman river“

11.30-12.00 Elena, Inga, Paulina, Vaiva    ‘‘Groundwater protection and monitoring in Denmark‘‘